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Puppies are not just big dogs in little packages. Special care must be taken with them so that their experiences are positive ones.

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With very young puppies we concentrate on eye contact, and on encouraging good behavior by clicking “anything good” that we see. We work on building the bond by playing games, and teaching him that he can totally trust us. The recall game (“come”) is a major part of puppy’s formal training. Most puppies will gladly come when called, but it’s a skill you want to practice on an ongoing basis. If you don’t, when he hits adolescence, he may decide you’re not the most exciting game in town after all.  
  In addition to potty training, we also address puppy biting and general handling. Handling means being able to look in your puppy’s ears, and mouth; to examine the pads of his feet, and feel between his toes; to basically run your hands all over him without him throwing a hissy fit. We do this all without using an “alpha roll”. That’s really old school folks. Hard core submission should never be used with a puppy.   Puppy Training Image 2  
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