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How many of you know people who let their dogs rule their lives? See what you think of this scenario:

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There’s a dog – let’s call him Steve – who gets up in the morning, and barks to be fed. He takes a couple of bites of food and then walks away. Since his owners have more than one dog, they pick his food up, and put it out of everyone’s reach.  

Then Steve gets his tennis ball, and bothers the entire family, running back and forth from person to person, until someone finally gives in and plays fetch with him. After about 3 throws, Steve decides he’s had enough, and goes and lays down.

In 20 minutes, Steve starts to bark for his food dish again. The owner gets it for him, he takes a couple more bites out of it, then walks away. So the owner again has to put the dish up.

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Then Steve stands at the back door and cries incessantly to be let out. When his owner opens the door, Steve walks away, OR he bolts out the door only to come immediately back and start scratching at the door to be let back in. Clearly, Steve has the entire family jumping through hoops for him. Clearly, HE is in charge.

  Leadership training simply involves talking and thinking about the kinds of things that we, as owners, can do to promote our dog’s realizing that WE are in charge. There is no “alpha roll” going on here. We don’t have to PHYSICALLY dominate our dogs. They will come to understand that all good things in the world come through US, and it is to their benefit to work WITH us.
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