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This includes fundamental skills that every dog should know.

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Every dog should know certain fundamentals, such as: sit, lie down, come, and stay. Eye contact and a great recall is also an integral part of this skill set. We introduce walking on a loose leash and discuss the variety of equipment that can be used for that. “Crate training”, is one of the more popular exercises these days, which teaches the dog to love his crate. I also include “control games” that help your dog learn SELF-control.  
  Training however, should go beyond the basics. Other helpful things to learn are: leave it, go to your spot, get it, give, wait (at the door before going out), and greeting guests in a mannerly fashion. You can take dog training as far as you would like to go. Want your dog to hold a sit while you roll 20 tennis balls past him? It can be done. It just takes a little patience, a plan, and lots and lots of practice!
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