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On Turning Ten (from May 7th)

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Today is a big day for my Great Dane, Tessa. She has endured me for 10 glorious years. And she’s been (knock on wood) pretty darned healthy throughout. You may have read a little of her history on my web site, and what a remarkable transformation she made with the help of clicker training. She is truly a joy at this point - with the exception of her early morning yodel-fest for food. She’s just absolutely sure that she will expire if she hasn’t eaten by 5:30, or possibly 6:00. (Sometimes even 5:00 a.m.). But it’s a small price to pay for such an otherwise wonderful and devoted companion.

My dogs always get a little party on their Birthday. I used to give them sloppy joes, and cupcakes. Before you gasp, know that I scrape most of the frosting off the cupcakes, and I always buy vanilla. I’m not a TOTAL idiot. But in an effort to be healthier (sigh), I have switched to fake veggie meat instead of sloppy joes. They seem to like it almost as much.

This year I made Tessa pose with a boa for her birthday pic. I tried a crown too, but it kept falling off. She didn’t like it much, but agreed, it was a small price to pay for cupcakes!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!


Is There Anything More Fun?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Agility is ABSOLUTELY the most fun you can have with your clothes on. That is, when it goes right. When you and your dog are in “the zone”, moving as a well-oiled machine.

My Great Dane Tessa is my first agility dog. I had never even heard of agility until we went to a “clicker training” class, and there was agility equipment in the room. We started very late in the agility training game. I think she was 4 years old - not exactly young for a Dane, but she liked it, so we continued.

No, we have not earned any of the BIG agility titles (MACH, ATCH, etc) but that was never my goal. I just wanted something fun that she and I could enjoy together. And agility certainly has been that!!

Tessa is one of those dogs that truly wants to give me whatever I want. She aims to please. She doesn’t get the “zoomies” and run circles in the ring. She doesn’t decide to take the A-frame when I’ve told her to take the tunnel. She is THERE, in the moment, working with ME! Always striving to do her best for me. She really loves it, and it shows!

She is getting older now, and slowing down significantly. Tunnels are pretty hard for her, and wrapping her large body around and through the weave poles is just too much. But she still LOVES jumping, and continues to compete in the Jumpers class.

What she lacks in speed, she certainly makes up for with enthusiasm and heart. You go my good girlie!!

(My upcoming agility dog will be a whole other story! Stay tuned!)

photo by Lunendogs Photography
Tessa Jumping


Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I’m new to blogging. Brand new. I’m a slightly older-ish not so computer savvy gal, who’s just struggling to keep up with the hipper (see, there’s a dead giveaway right there) twittering, text messaging, you-tube watching crowd. And yes, I know these things have been around for some time. But they are still relatively new to me. Now you know where I’m coming from!

Most of my blogs will probably be dog related in some way, with an occasional entry relating to whatever foolishness might be cluttering my mind at the moment. Hence the name “random ramblings”.

Mickey Schufman