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Back on Track

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

I LOVE fall – and today was a beautiful, PERFECT fall day in Flower Mound Texas. If I were a native Texan I might have thought it was too cold; but I’m not, and it wasn’t. It was about 60 degrees, with enough breeze to warrant a sweatshirt. I took the two terriers for a walk in the park; well technically one walk and one walk/ride.

Princess Ruby

Princess Ruby

Ruby can’t walk very far so she gets to ride in a stroller part of the time. I actually don’t think she cares if she walks or rides, just so she gets to go.

So now that the BRUTAL heat of the summer is over, I’ve decided to give another go to getting fit. Weight has been a lifelong battle for me, and in a few months I will be turning another decade older! (And it’s a BIG decade!!) I think that’s starting to sink in. It’s now or never – soon I will be OLD!

So I’m putting it out there – for all to read. I’m officially starting (once again) to implement a reasonable eating plan and a walk/run program (by Jeff Galloway).

Wish me luck, and strength. And stay tuned.

Great News!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

akc 3mutt

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has always been a promoter of purebred dogs. That’s what they’re all about. All of the events that they hold (and there are MANY) are for purebred dogs only. They hold more agility, and obedience trials than any other dog organization that I’m aware of.

For those of us with mixed breed dogs, there are not that many options for performance sports. I’m pretty sure that USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) would be the largest organization offering agility to ALL dogs, regardless of breed status, but I think AKC far outnumbers them in trials. As far as obedience goes, UKC (United Kennel Club) does allow mixed breeds, but they have very few trials (at least in my area).

I participated in a survey a couple of years ago, asking what exhibitors thought about letting mixed breed dogs compete in performance sports (obedience, agility and rally). I thought it was a dead issue by now, but then I was informed by a friend that they have indeed decided to allow them to compete in AKC events. Wow – that is HUGE! I’m pretty sure they’re doing it for the extra money they will make from the mixed breed exhibitors (and not out of any good will), but hey – I’ll take it.


They made the decision in April and the mixed breed competition will commence on October 1, 2010. They will compete in a “separate but equal” class, but again, I’ll take it. It DOES make me curious though, why they can’t just compete with the rest of the dogs. Are they worried that the “mixes” might show up the “pures”? I’m not prejudiced – most of my dogs ARE purebreds. I just find it odd that they will compete separately and their titles will be slightly different. But again, really, who cares?

So the quest to seriously start working Micah in obedience has begun. I’m really looking forward to being able to be in a trial setting with him (on leash) so that he can get used to that. If he can get used to working in that atmosphere ON leash, we might eventually have a chance of making it OFF leash to do agility.


Chalk up one big “atta-boy” for the good old boys of AKC. You Rock!

Yea Me!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, what the hell? A little self-absorbed? A little arrogant? Conceited? Not really – because you know why? Sometimes we need to cheer ourselves on, as well as other people. Sometimes we need to have as much patience with ourselves, as we do for others. So when we do something good, why not give ourselves a YEA ME!! (Can I get an Amen?) Let me explain.

The other day I had a birthday. I used to dread them, and pretend that they didn’t exist. Then I got old enough to realize just how lucky I was to be having them. I mean, consider the alternative. Now I embrace each year, and look forward to whatever new adventures it will bring me. However, this year I was feeling a bit disgusted at having done pitifully little in working toward my goal of getting healthier, as well as “lighter”. I wondered if I would be having the same conversation with myself NEXT year on my Birthday. So I decided to try to find something FUN that I could do for exercise, that I would actually DO. (I have a treadmill in the office, but it’s actually just holding up a table filled with crap). It dawned on me that big R and I played a little racquetball a few years ago, and I thought it was a blast!!! I’m not any good, but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s great exercise, and I’m sure it burns a fair amount of calories.

So I made it my quest for the day to find a decent racquetball place. Apparently racquetball isn’t as popular as it was a few years ago. Many of the health and fitness places don’t even offer it. I started to think it wasn’t going to happen, but then at the end of the afternoon I finally found the perfect place! I promptly joined up, went home to find my racquet, and came back to bang the ball around for an hour. I had to laugh out loud several times at how bad I was. Oh well – nowhere to go from here, but up!


I reminded myself that my knees are a little “loose” so no scrambling for hero plays. I’m just burning a few calories here, and getting off my butt!!! I was so exhilarated when my hour was up that I made an appointment for the next day to play again. But due to muscle soreness that set in later that night, I sadly had to cancel. But I DID go back and play again today. When my time was up, I didn’t want to leave. I am LOVING THIS!! I am really hoping that this will finally be the push towards getting healthy that I needed, and that it works.

So again, I will say – Yea Me!! See if you can find a “yea me” for yourself. We all deserve one!

I Appreciate You!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It’s funny how most people take things for granted. I know I do. Especially when they’re working correctly. When things are working correctly, you basically don’t even notice them. It’s when they STOP, that they come to the forefront of our brain. It’s true for just about anything. If our car or our computer stops working, we go into a tailspin!!! If the stove stops working we may or may not notice! And God forbid, the cable should go out.

It’s also true with our bodies. Take feet for example. I never really paid much attention to my feet until a few years ago when they started to “go”. Started to give me grief.


I never spent much time thinking about how they let me get from here to there, let me run with my dogs, or kept my legs from jamming into the ground. It’s actually pretty hard to do much of anything without them.

I had surgery on one foot a couple of years ago, and wasn’t all that thrilled with how it turned out. I lovingly call it my “Franken-foot”. I’m trying to stave off doing the other one, but I may be losing the battle. After all, it would be handy to be able to use them for at least another few years. What if I decide to enter the national hopscotch championship?


Or want to water-ski on my bare feet? What if I want to become a world class ballerina?


Yeah, better give it some thought.

So for those of you with great arches, and un-knarley toes - show some appreciation folks! Give those babies a nice long bubble bath - maybe even a whirpool tonight.


Followed by a nice long massage, and some silky lotion. Show them you care. After all, they’re the only feet you’ve got.

Show them some love, bro! They’ll appreciate it!

Losing My Mind??

Sunday, August 10th, 2008


I suppose, as we get older, it’s natural to worry about losing your mind, especially if you already have Alzheimer’s, or dementia running in the family. You know, you walk into a room and then can’t remember what you went in there for. Or you start to say something and then forget mid-sentence why you opened your mouth.

All the talk about “old-timers” disease has pushed me to buy a Nintendo DS, and a couple of games designed specifically to help in this area - Brain Age and Brain Age Two. If you use it every day, it’s supposed to help you use parts of your brain that you might not otherwise be using. They say your brain is just like a muscle - use it or lose it. (I fear that my brain has lost much muscle mass from watching too much Bravo).


So the game has you do a couple of tests and then tells you what your “brain age” is. The ultimate age is 20. I don’t think I’ll be attaining that anytime soon. Of course, ideally you don’t want your brain age to be any older than your body age. I’m not going to share what mine was - let’s just say I have some work to do. Hopefully with regular use, I can at least make some progress. If not, I guess it won’t matter, since I won’t know the difference.

Let’s hope for the former.