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You Saw A What, Where?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Last night as I was working at the emergency pet clinic in Flower Mound, a man called and said that he had seen a rather large snake in the shopping mall parking lot and was wondering if perhaps it belonged to us, and went missing. I assured him that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it did not, but I was interested in finding out more about it.

He said it was about 6 feet long and as big around as a coke bottle. Wow! In our busy little strip center? That’s just crazy. He had actually taken a picture of it with his phone, and e-mailed it to us. It was indeed – a very LARGE snake.
None of us knew if this would be a dangerous guy or not so we ended up calling the police to check it out. They looked around the tree we thought it was in, but to no avail. Finally the one that was pretty knowledgeable about snakes looked at the photo and determined that it was just a rat snake. Not of any danger to anyone, so that was good news. Still, I wouldn’t want to run across him in a dark alley.

The picture is hard to see, but look toward the bottom of the tree to see a good portion of the snake lying on the ground. Gives you a fair idea of his actual length.

I guess I’m always a little surprised when I see things that belong in the “wild” right in our back yard. But I shouldn’t be. We are constantly encroaching on their natural habitat more every year. More building, and more neighborhoods where there once was just woodlands. A couple of years ago I happened to glance out of my back door just in time to see a turkey – a full grown turkey, strolling along the top of our privacy fence. He went down a couple of houses and then just jumped down into the yard. It was almost as shocking as suddenly seeing a cow in my backyard! Then a few weeks ago I saw two very large (scary large) coyotes right in the middle of a residential neighborhood (less than a mile from my house). I was stunned. It made me glad that I have a 6’ privacy fence to protect my little guys. But after all, they’re just trying to survive.

So when we see these “intruders” lets cut them a break, and try to remember that they were here first, and that WE are actually intruding on them.

What a World!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

What do you think of when I say: evening gowns, false eyelashes, hairpieces, nails, and makeup?

If you said five and six year olds, you would be right!


The other night I watched my 1st and last episode of Toddlers and Tiara’s.


Eeeewww! I can’t tell you how creepy it was. A bunch of little girls made up “hooker style”, parading around like little robotrons. These kids are drilled on how to WALK, how to SMILE for the judges, how to BLOW KISSES, and WAVE GOODBY. Oh yeah, and how to wiggle their hips occasionally – always a crowd pleaser. Sorry, it’s just WRONG!!

One little girl named Story (yeah – I said Story) was probably the “smoothest” kid there. According to her mom, they practice EVERY DAY.


She has a permanent Katie Couric smile plastered on her face as she wow’s the judges. It was very reminiscent of clips I saw several years ago of Jon Benet Ramsey.


Do we really want kids this young, focusing on their good looks and phony charisma? Is this the kind of shallow thinking we want to encourage? Really? What IS the contribution that beauty pageants make to the world anyway? I don’t even like beauty pageants for adults, but at least adults can make that decision for themselves. In the Miss America pageant, the winner gets a free education; something that truly IS of value! What do these kids get?

Come on you people out there. Let me know what YOU think of this stuff. As for me – it gives me the heebie-jeebies!! Blegh!

Funk Of Unknown Origin

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I’ve been in kind of a “funk” lately. Don’t really know why. Nothing I can really put my finger on. I’m not mad, I just feel kind of numb and disconnected. Don’t feel like doing anything. It’s icky! And I don’t like it. I haven’t even been able to come up with a post. Just nothing to say.

I’m sure the impending doom of the economy and the uncertainty of our future is playing a hefty part in it. I think most people are holding their breath; hoping they won’t get “the axe” because God knows, it’s not like you can just go out and get another job. Not now a days.

My own little personal world is ok. Not fabulous, but ok. Certainly better than many, many folks out there. I’m pretty sure there are about a million people that would trade places with me in a New York minute. But still, the funk persists.

I don’t know – maybe it’s just a combination of small things. Perhaps it’s the dull ache I’m feeling in a tooth that already has a crown on it.
Or the fact that I just replaced my washing machine a couple of months ago, and now my dryer is making a huge clunking noise every time it starts or stops.
Or the fact that my camcorder won’t hold a charge for more than 15 seconds, so it needs to be plugged in if I want to use it. Waaugh, waaugh, waaugh. (I know many of you are rolling your eyes right now – but it’s still irritating to me).
Perhaps it’s my failure to have followed up on most of my new years resolutions. Or the fact that nearly every product I look at is made in China.

I think the haze may be just starting to lift. I hope so. There’s just too much to do to be wasting time being in a funk!!

One More Thing To Worry About

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I’m a careful person. Maybe cautious would be a better word.


I like to be prepared for whatever situation might arise (within reason). I don’t think I’m OVERLY cautious, but some might disagree. If the gas tank is on empty in rush hour traffic in a strange city, it makes me a little nervous. Reasonable? I think so. If there are drug dealers in the hotel room across the hall, it makes me feel more than a little creepy. Would you? Absolutely. If I’m running late for an appointment, it makes me anxious. I actually think that’s kind of a good thing. Anyway, you get the idea.

I’ve always been pretty diligent with the dogs. Some would say overly protective. And I would have to give them that one. I will admit it. I would rather be safe than sorry - at least most of the time. And now I have one more thing to worry about.

As most of you know, I have 2 big dogs, and 2 little dogs - terriers to be exact. The terriers are about 10-12 pounds.


The other day Ruby (the rat terrier) was out back and I went to let her in. As she approached the door, a hawk flew over, directly in line with her.


He was high enough to clear the house, but not much higher, and it made me stop and think; is she too big for a hawk to go for? The thought of it made me cringe. Now I’m not saying that he WAS going for her before I opened the door, but he sure could have been.

After consulting with several friends, it seems that no, 10-12 pounds is NOT too big for a hawk to snatch. So now I’m afraid to let the little dogs be outside without me there. Great! No more computer time while they’re out soaking up the sun. No more doing chores while they’re doing their “business”. Well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for their safety, but geez, is it too much to ask to be able to be in the yard without the threat of razor like talons plucking you from earth? I mean, IS IT? I guess nobody ever said nature was fair. I’ve certainly seen many dogs at the e-clinic that were attacked by the local coyotes. Scary!

So there you go folks, one more thing for me to worry about, and if you have small dogs, one more thing for you to worry about too. Sorry about that!

Stanley Update

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I have been getting a little worried about Stanley (the spider in the kitchen).

He’s been disappearing for days at a time, and then showing back up on the kitchen window. I don’t know where he goes; wherever naughty, disobedient spiders go, I guess. I did catch him on the cupboard once, but I cut him a break.


Then the awful Texas summer finally broke, and I was able to actually open my kitchen window and get some fresh air!!! Yea!! I guess Stanley was hankering for some of the same, because he scooched by the loosely fitting window screen, and has been hanging out by the temperature gage (on the outside of the window) ever since. I mean, he’s been out there for a good 3 weeks!!! (Just so you know - I never ONCE said “hankering” the whole 39 years that I lived in Minnesota).


He’s there every time I look. Now the weather is starting to get pretty chilly at night, and I’m a little concerned. Some of the temps are dipping into the 40’s and soon will come the 30’s. Each morning I wonder if Stanley will be gone - I have no idea what temps spiders can withstand, and each morning he is near the gage, waiting to greet me. (Don’t worry - I’m not so delusional that I REALLY think he’s there to greet me). But he is there, nonetheless.

This is probably the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a “wild” critter. It’s kind of interesting. He caught a fly one day, without a web being involved - but I will spare you the details. (I actually had a picture of him with the fly in his death grip, but decided to take it down for the squeamish. That’s you Paula!! Probably one or two others as well). The truth is, I’ve kind of grown accustomed to having him around. Don’t ask me why.

So we will continue to leave the window open a crack, in case it gets too brutal out there, and he needs to come back in.

And in the words of Tom Bodett “We’ll leave the light on for you”.

Be safe, my friend!

Living with the Wolfman

Friday, October 24th, 2008

As some of you may know, I am a fan of TV, and am constantly perusing new and different shows. TV sort of goes in streaks. Reality shows have been hot and heavy for quite some time. That being said, I’m afraid that shows like The Grizzly Man Diaries may be starting a new trend. God, I hope not.

I just got done watching Living with the Wolfman, and crap - where do I begin? There is a fine line indeed, between sanity and insanity. I thought Timothy Treadway was enough of a nut job, living with the Grizzly’s in Alaska, seeing himself sometimes as the father figure. But Shaun Ellis (alias Wolfman) wants not just to LIVE among the wolves, but to BE a wolf. To be ACCEPTED as a wolf. And now he’s brought his girlfriend into the picture as well.

I realized about half way through the (hour long) show, that I had a permanent grimace plastered on my face, and was constantly shaking my head “no”. What was wrong with the days when people had a healthy respect for creatures of the wild? To study them, and learn from them, yes. But now a days it seems, that’s not enough. You have to BE a wolf.

Ellis, who lives part time with the wolves, alleges to “protect” and “help” them. I just can’t figure out how he is helping them, and what he is protecting them from.


He lived for a period of months in their lair, 24/7 to study them. I only wish I could have gotten a pic of him greeting them with his mouth in a “yum-yum-yum” position, playing tongue tag with them - I swear to God!!! Yeah - made me want to lose lunch.

His girlfriend, Helen Jetts, is obviously smitten with the “wolfman” and is determined to fit into the pack too. Her goal is to become a wolf pup “nanny”. Ellis tells her that she must learn to “think and behave like a wolf”. That she needs to convince the adults (wolves) that she is “wolf enough” to join their pack.

Ellis puts her on a strict diet primarily of meat. He claims that if she eats enough meat, the wolves will respect her “wolf-smell”. The more organ meats she eats, the higher her ranking in the pack. Now Ellis has already told us that a wolf’s sense of smell is 100,000 times better than ours. So, do you really think that the wolf is going to think that she is another wolf because she is eating meat? Come-on!!!!!

I won’t even go into the fact that Ellis pretty much tricks Jetts into going into the pen when she isn’t prepared for it. She tells him that her heart is pounding! Not really an ideal way to meet a wolf who’s sizing you up. You KNOW that they can smell fear a mile away; especially with THEIR sense of smell!!!! He’s just damned lucky that she didn’t end up as wolf chow - no thanks to him. He would have had a hard time explaining that one!


One of the wolves (Cheyenne) becomes pregnant, and Ellis wants Jetts to act as the wolf nanny to the cubs. She must prove herself worthy to Cheyenne first, by pretending to regurgitate meat for her to eat. Jetts exclaimed afterwards “I was communicating with her on a level of WOLF TO WOLF”. Come-on people!!! They know you’re not a wolf!!!!!!

The last straw for me was at the end of the show, when Cheyenne’s 4 pups are a month old, and Jetts attempts to win them over by once again regurgitating (this time raw) meat for the pups to eat. But she must wait until they nibble and bite at her mouth before she releases the food. At the end of it all, her lips and face are bloody from the feeding, but all she could say was “It’s a great feeling to be accepted by a pack of wolves. It was fantastic!!!!!!”

Bloody lips - yeah - effing fantastic! OK, whatever you say. I sincerely hope you don’t go the way of Timothy Treadwell, but I think you’re both nuts!!! Really, really, nuts!!!!

P.S. I do really love wolves from afar! They are beautiful and wonderful creatures, to be respected, from afar!

I don’t think I’ll be able to continue watching this show.