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Another New Year

Monday, January 31st, 2011

OK – so it’s the last day of January, and if I’m going to write about my New Years Resolutions, I guess I should do it by today, huh?

Well – as always – I’ve given it quite a bit of thought. I really want this year to be about balance. Yin-yang. I want to become a more well-rounded person. All things in moderation. This year is not going to be “all dogs – all the time”. Don’t get me wrong – if you know anything about me at all, you know that I’m NUTS about my dogs. They ARE what makes my life go round. In fact I am vowing to spend more time actually training this year; not only Micah, but Ruby too. But let’s face it – dogs may be the main thing, but they’re not the ONLY thing.

My idea to become more “well rounded” started shortly after Christmas. I was bored one night and felt like reading something FUN!!! I haven’t read anything but dog training, or dog behavior, or dog agility, etc. for FAR TOO LONG. I haven’t read a novel in YEARS!!!! So I hopped on Amazon, found a book and downloaded it to my Kindle. It was GREAT!!! Wow – reading for pleasure. What a concept! I hope to do more of that in 2011.

Not only do I miss reading, I miss writing too. Blogging specifically. As I think I’ve said before – doesn’t everyone like to ramble about the useless crap in their life? It’s been so long since I’ve done it, I really couldn’t even remember how. Sad. So I’m hoping to keep up a little more with that. Certainly not daily, but maybe weekly. Maybe. I’ll try.

I also want to reinstate my running program. Well, I can’t honestly call it a running program yet; more like a walking program with some sprinting here and there. My long term goal would be to actually go for a rrrrrrr-uuuuuuuu-nnnnnnnnn! To run like the wind! I would LOVE to be able to run even a mile or two. Don’t know if that will ever happen, but I’m going to keep working on it.

Of course – losing weight is also on the list. It’s ALWAYS on the list. I have already started on that journey. Lost a few pounds, but have many, many more to go. I would love for this to be the year that I get to throw on a pair of skinny jeans – tuck my shirt in and go. That would be wonderful beyond belief. Nuf said.

Then there’s the house. Ohhhhhh – the house. This is the year I’m hoping to get it in order. NO – not hoping – I’m DOING IT!!!!! I AM doing it!!!

So – there you go. Now that I’ve put it out there in cyber-space, it somehow makes it more real. Makes me more accountable. Accountability can be a good thing. Whatever works.

Wow – can you imagine actually DOING all (or even most of) the things you resolved to do in January? That would be “wunderbar”!!! Stay tuned!!
(It’s good to be back).