Presidential Race

Common sense tells you, that you never discuss religion or politics. At least if you want to stay out of trouble. But honestly, in today’s world, politics are everywhere!!! And there’s a lot going on - politically. So I have to make just the briefest comment on the Presidential race.


Without getting into which candidate I favor (and I have reservations about BOTH candidates), I have to tell you how disappointed I was in the presidential debates.

I was really hoping that each one would just talk about what they wanted to accomplish, and what they each stood for, once and for all. But instead I heard the newest version of “he said, she said”.


Candidate #1 would say, “I will do this, not like my opponent who did A, B, and C, and didn’t do D, E, and F”. And then candidate #2 would come back with, “No that’s absolutely not true. I did G, H, I and my opponent did J, K. and L”. They went back and forth, ad nauseam.


They did it over, and over again. By the end of the debate I didn’t know any more than I did before they started. And frankly, I’m just sick of the whole thing.

Debate number two was pretty much the same, with the additional irritation of them not being able to stick to their allotted time for answering questions. Having to be constantly reminded by the moderator to pay attention to their cue lights just doesn’t give me much confidence in their ability. I mean really. How hard is it to see the light change from green, to yellow, to red? Are these guys really presidential material? Kind of makes you wonder, eh?


Oh, I know - you think I’m being too hard on them, and maybe I am. I think I’m just on Presidential Race Overload, and I’m ready for it to be done. Lets put this thing to bed, already!! Come on November 4th.

OK - rant over.


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